When I Was A Boy: Eugene Field Poem

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When I Was A Boy Eugene Field Poem

Overview When I Was A Boy: Eugene Field Poem

When I was a boy Eugene Field Poem, reminisces about the childhood dreams of boys.

It is important to dream. Parents should help children to dream by painting pictures about their future.

Paint pictures of greatness, accomplishments, happiness, family and health.

Paint pictures of the future to give the child something to look forward to and fulfill. This is biblical and shown in the life of Joseph, who dreamt about his greatness when he was a boy.

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Eugene Field poem: When I Was A Boy

Up in the attic where I slept
When I was a boy, a little boy,
In through the lattice the moonlight crept,
Bringing a tide of dreams that swept
Over the low, red trundle-bed,
Bathing the tangled curly head,
While moonbeams played at hide-and-seek
With the dimples on the sun-browned cheek –
When I was a boy, a little boy!

And, oh! the dreams – the dreams I dreamed!
When I was a boy, a little boy!
For the grace that through the lattice streamed
Over my folded eyelids seemed
To have the gift of prophecy,
And to bring me glimpses of times to be
When manhood’s clarion seemed to call –
Ah! that was the sweetest dream of all,
When I was a boy, a little boy!

I’d like to sleep where I used to sleep
When I was a boy, a little boy!
For in at the lattice the moon would peep,
Bringing her tide of dreams to sweep
The crosses and griefs of the years away
From the heart that is weary and faint to-day;
And those dreams should give me back again
A peace I have never known since then –
When I was a boy, a little boy!

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