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take a walk: short stories for kids

I hope that you enjoy , one of our short stories for kids. In a far-off country lived a little girl called Silverlocks because her curly hair shone so very brightly. However, she was not so good as she was pretty. She was so restless that she could not be kept quiet at home.

Silverlocks would often run out when she was told not to do so. One day, she started off into the woods, to gather wildflowers and to chase butterflies. She ran here, and ran there, and went so far, at last, that she found herself in quite a lonely place.

Silverlocks enters the dwelling in which lived

She saw a snug little house, in which three Bears lived; but they were not then at home. Since the door and the parlor window were open, Silverlocks peeped in. She soon found that the place was empty.

The little girl made up her mind to go in boldly, and to look all about the place. She gave little thought to what sort of folks lived there.

who lived in the little house

Now had gone out to take a walk, a little while before Silver-Locks found their house. The biggest of them was the Papa Bear. He had a very rough coat and was named Mr. Bruin.

The next Bear in size was his wife. She was called Mammy Muff, because of her smooth skin. The smallest of the three was their little darling, Tiny.

Before going out, Mammy Muff put the nice soup she had made for dinner on a great chest in the parlor to cool. Since they were very hungry, the bears meant to be back in a short time.

Silverlocks finds three jars of soup set for the Bears’ dinner.

When Silverlocks went into the house, she soon found by the smell that something nice had been cooked. On entering the parlor, she saw there three jars smoking away.

The first jar was very large. It was for Mr. Bruin.
The next, of middling size, was for Mammy Muff.
The smallest of all was Tiny’s jar.

There was a wooden spoon in each jar. The little busy-body now went to work tasting the soup in each jar by turns. She found that the soup in the smallest jar was the nicest to her taste.

Silverlocks tastes the soup and chooses the jar set for Tiny, the little Bear.

Silverlocks was now in high glee. She planned to enjoy herself, hungry as she was, by eating up all the soup in the little jar. Since she was too weary to be standing all the time, she looked about for a seat.

There were three chairs in the parlour.

There was a very large one for Mr. Bruin,
another of middling size for Mrs. B.,
and a nice little chair for Tiny.

The little girl tried them all in turn. She found that the smallest suited her best, and down she sat. She began to eat her soup with great relish.

Silverlocks rocks in Tiny’s chair and breaks it apart.

When Silver-Locks had nearly eaten up all poor Tiny’s soup, she began to rock herself to and fro in his little chair. She had often been punished for this naughty trick.

While she was indulging this silly whim, out came the rush-bottom of the chair! Silverlocks and the soup jar rolled on the floor. However, she did not mind this at all, thinking it was fine fun.

She then thought that she would go upstairs, and see all that was to be seen.

Silverlocks fell asleep in Tiny’s bed

In the room up stairs there were three beds:

the largest was Mr. Bruin’s bed,
the next was Mrs. B.’s;
and the smallest of the three was Tiny’s bed.

Silver-Locks tried them all, but she found the little one the most comfortable. Since she was very sleepy, she crept into it, and fell fast asleep.

The three bears return home“Who has been to my soup?” roared out Mr. Bruin.
“And who has been to my soup?” said Mrs. B., with a low growl.
Then poor Tiny cried, “Somebody has been to my soup, and has eaten it all up!”

Then said the big Bear, fiercely, “Who has moved my chair about?” Mrs. B., too, said, “Who has moved my chair about?”
Then Tiny cried pitifully, “Somebody has sat in my chair, and broken it in pieces!”

The Bears went upstairs to find Silverlocks on Tiny’s bed

The three Bears, thinking that somebody was in the house, went upstairs to look. They found that their beds had been disturbed. In angry voices, they all asked who had dared to do it.

Silver-Locks did not hear the gruff voices of Mr. and Mrs. Bruin, but the sharp squeak of Master Tiny’s voice aroused her from her slumber. “Somebody has disturbed my bed,” cried he! One moment later he fiercely added, “and here she is!”

The little girl became very, very frightened especially on seeing the two larger, enraged Bears standing in the room. Happily, for her, there was an open window close to Tiny’s bed.

She quickly jumped out of the bed and escaped out of the window. She fell unto some soft grass below.

The three Bears came to the open window and stared wildly at her. She quickly got up, and ran as fast as she could, until she arrived safely home.

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