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GrannyFox admits that she's getting old

About the author of Old Granny

Today’s story is the beginning of a series called Old Granny . The story features Old Granny and .

Old Granny was written by American author Thornton W. Burgess. Mr. Burgess lived from January 17, 1874, to June 5, 1965. He was a newspaper journalist and a prolific writer.

By the time of retirement, Mr. Burgess had written more than one hundred and seventy books. He became affectionately known as the Bedtime Story-Man because he wrote children’s stories daily.

Because of this, Mr. Burgess amassed a repertoire of fifteen thousand stories for his daily newspaper column called Bedtime Stories (Wikipedia, 2022).

and Old Granny were starving

Snow covered the Green Meadows and the Green Forest, and ice froze the Smiling Pool and the Laughing Brook. Reddy and Granny Fox were hungry most of the time.

It was not easy to find enough to eat these days. As a result, Granny Fox and spent almost every waking minute hunting for food to eat.

Sometimes they hunted together, but usually one went one way, and the other went another way. They did so in order to have a greater chance of finding something.

If either found enough for two, the one finding it took the food back to their home if it could be carried. If not, the other was told where to find it.

wanted to catch Farmer Brown’s hens in the day

Granny and Reddy and not eaten much for several days. They were so hungry that they were willing to take almost any chance to get a good meal.

For two nights they had visited Farmer Brown’s henhouse, hoping that they would be able to find a way inside. But the biddies had been securely locked up.

Try as they would, Granny and Reddy couldn’t find a way in. As they started back home after the second attempt, Granny lamented,

“It’s no use hoping that we’ll catch one of those hens at night.

If we are going to get any at all, we will have to do it in broad daylight.

It can be done, for I have done it before, but I don’t like the idea.

We are likely to be seen, and that means that Bowser the Hound will be set loose to hunt us.”

Pooh!” exclaimed Reddy. “What are you worrying about? It’s easy to fool Bowser.”

Granny Fox snapped a response:

“You think you can fool Bowser, do you?”

“I never yet saw a young Fox who didn’t think he knew all there is to know, and you’re just like the rest.

When you’ve lived as long as I have you will have learned not to be quite so sure of your own opinions.

I grant you that when there is no snow on the ground, any Fox with a reasonable amount of Fox sense in his head can fool Bowser, but with snow everywhere it is a very different matter.

If Bowser once takes it into his head to follow your trail these days, you will have to be smarter than I think you are to fool him.

The only way you will be able to get away from him will be by going into a hole in the ground, and when you do that you will have given away a secret that will mean we will never have any peace at all.

We will never know when Farmer Brown’s boy will take it into his head to smoke us out. I’ve seen it done.

No, Sir, we are not going to try for one of those hens in the daytime unless we are starving.”

Granny Fox sent Reddy to look for food at the Big River

I’m starving now,” whined Reddy.

No such thing!” Granny snapped. “I’ve been without food longer than this many times. Have you been over to the Big River lately?

No,” replied Reddy. “What’s the use? It’s frozen over. There isn’t anything there.

Perhaps not,” replied Granny, “but I learned a long time ago that it is a poor plan to overlook any chance.

There is a place in the Big River that never freezes because the water runs too swiftly there. I’ve found more than one meal washed ashore at that location.

You go over there now. Meantime, I will see what I can find in the Green Forest. If neither of us finds anything, it will be time enough to think about Farmer Brown’s hens tomorrow.”

went off to the Big River

Reddy obeyed against his will. He trotted off to the Big River while grumbling:

It isn’t the least bit of use, there won’t be anything there. It is just a waste of time.”

Late that afternoon he came hurrying back. Granny Fox knew by the way that he cocked his ears and carried his tail that he had news of some kind.

Well, what is it?” she demanded.

I found a dead fish that had been washed ashore,” replied Reddy. “It wasn’t big enough for two, so I ate it.

Anything else?” asked Granny.

No-o,” replied Reddy slowly; “that is, nothing that will do us any good. Quacker the Wild Duck was swimming about out in the open water. Although I watched and watched he never once came ashore.”

Ha!” exclaimed Granny. “That is good news. I think we’ll go Duck hunting.

More next time.

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