Sammy Jay mocks Granny Fox’s close escape from injury

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Sammy Jay mocks Granny ’s close escape from injury

Today, Sammy Jay mocks Granny ’s close escape from injury. He taunted Reddy about Granny ’s mistake in being caught napping by Farmer Brown’s son.

Now, that was not a nice thing to do. Granny could have been severely injured or killed. It’s not a nice thing to tell tales or to laugh at other people’s sorrow.

Let’s see what happened.

Sammy Jay hurried through the Green Forest, chuckling as he flew. He was brimming over with the news he had to tell Reddy Fox.

Sammy Jay couldn’t wait to tell Reddy how Old Granny Fox had been caught napping by Farmer Brown’s son.

Sammy wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t seen it. No! He wouldn’t have believed it! But he had seen it with his own eyes.

He was greatly amused just thinking how sly, clever, and smart Granny Fox had been caught sleeping by her enemy.

Sammy Jay found Reddy Fox on the Lone Little Path

Sammy soon spied Reddy Fox. He was trotting along the Lone Little Path.

He wanted to laugh at Reddy because he always boasted about how smart Granny Fox was.

In fact, Reddy Fox boasted so much about Granny’s smartness that everybody was sick of hearing him.

Sammy Jay chuckled, even more, when he saw Reddy trotting along the Lone Little Path. He hid in a thick hemlock-tree and shouted as Reddy passed below it

"If I had such a stupid old Granny
As some folks who think they are smart,
I would never boast about my Granny,
But live by myself far away!"

Reddy Fox became angry when he heard Sammy’s taunt

Reddy looked up angrily. He couldn’t see Sammy Jay, but he knew his voice. There is no mistaking that voice. Everybody knew Sammy Jay’s voice.

Of course, it was foolish, very foolish of Reddy to become angry. It was even more foolish to show Sammy Jay how angry he was.

If he had stopped just one minute to think, Reddy Fox would have realized that Sammy was being very mean and provoking.

If he had stopped to think, Reddy Fox would have known that Sammy Jay wanted to laugh at him for being angry.

However, like many people, Reddy Fox allowed his temper to overpower his common sense.

Reddy Fox and Sammy Jay exchanged words

Who says Granny Fox is stupid?” he snarled.

I do,” replied Sammy Jay promptly. “I say she is stupid.”

Reddy Fox boastfully replied:

Granny Fox is smarter than anybody else in all the Green Forest and on all the Green Meadows. She is smarter than anybody else in all the Great World.

She wasn’t smart enough to fool Farmer Brown’s boy,” taunted Sammy.

Upon hearing those words, Reddy suddenly forgot his anger. Wondering if Granny Fox had been shot by Farmer Brown’s boy, he asked:

What’s that? Who says so? Has anything happened to Granny Fox?

Nothing happened to her, but Farmer Brown’s son caught her napping in broad daylight,” chuckled Sammy Jay.

I don’t believe it!” snapped Reddy. “I don’t believe a word you said! Nobody ever caught Old Granny Fox napping, and nobody ever will.”

I don’t care whether you believe it or not. It’s true. I saw him catch her sleeping,” retorted Sammy Jay.

You—you—you—” shouted Reddy Fox in anger.

Tommy Tit the Chickadee said it was true

Sammy Jay interrupted, “go ask Tommy Tit the Chickadee if it isn’t true. He saw him too,”

Dee, dee, dee, Chickadee! Sammy Jay is telling the truth. Farmer Brown’s boy only threw a snowball at her and let her run away without shooting at her,” shouted a new voice.

As Reddy Fox looked up, he saw Tommy Tit sitting in the tree.

Reddy Fox was astonished at the confirmation of the news.

Reddy Fox didn’t know what to think or say. He just couldn’t believe it. He had never known Tommy Tit to tell a lie.

Tommy Tit and Sammy Jay then told Reddy all they had seen. They told him how Farmer Brown’s boy had surprised Old Granny Fox, but had allowed her to escape unharmed.

Reddy Fox came to the realization that Sammy Jay and Reddy Fox were telling the truth.

Tommy Tit never lied. If he said it was so, it must be so.

Reddy Fox plans to be cheeky towards Granny Fox

Reddy Fox started off to hunt for Old Granny Fox in order to ask her about it. However, a sudden thought popped into his red head, and he changed his mind.

I won’t say a thing about it until some time when Granny scolds me for being careless,” muttered Reddy, with a sly grin. “Then I’ll see what she has to say. I guess she won’t scold me so much after this.

Reddy grinned from ear to ear. That wasn’t a nice thing to say at all.

He should have been sorry that Old Granny Fox had experienced such a fright. Instead, he was planning to get even with her whenever she scolded him for his own carelessness.

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