Reddy Is Impudent To Granny Fox

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granny fox admits that she's getting old

Reddy Fox is impudent to Granny Fox is today’s story

Today Reddy Fox is impudent to Granny Fox. To be impudent means to be cheeky and disrespectful.

It is not a good thing to be impudent, especially to adults. Older people do not like that behavior from children at all. They become angry and upset about it.

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A saucy tongue is dangerous to possess;
Some day it will surely get you in a mess.
          —Old Granny Fox.

Granny Fox had taught Reddy everything he knew

Reddy Fox was headstrong. Like most headstrong people, he believed that his way was the best way.

Reddy Fox was very, very, very smart. He had to be smart in order to survive in the cruel jungle in which he lived. However, he had learned many of his tricks from Old Granny Fox.

Old Granny Fox had taught Reddy Fox the very best tricks that he knew. Granny had begun teaching him when he was very little and tumbling over his own feet.

Granny Fox was the one who had taught Reddy how to hunt. She had taught him never to steal chickens near home. Instead, Granny had advised Reddy to go a long way off for them.

Most importantly, Granny had taught Reddy how to fool Bowser the Hound.

It was Granny who had taught Reddy how to use his little black nose to follow the tracks of careless young Rabbits.

It was Granny who had taught him how to catch Meadow Mice under the snow.

In fact, Reddy had learned everything he knew, from wise, shrewd Old Granny Fox.

But as Reddy grew bigger and bigger, until he was quite as big as Granny, he forgot what he owed to her. He began to have a very good opinion of himself. It was a bad thing,but Reddy began to feel that he knew everything there was to know.

Sometimes Granny had to scold Reddy when he did foolish or careless things. She would chide him, and tell him that he was big enough and old enough to know better.

At those time, Reddy would sulk and go off muttering to himself. However, he had never quite dared to be openly disrespectful to Granny.

Of course, no youngster should be disrespectful to anyone, especially to adults!

Reddy had always longed for Granny to do something foolish or careless. However, he had never known about her being anything except wise.

Reddy felt very elated that his clever Old Granny Fox, had been careless! She had allowed Farmer Brown’s boy to catch her napping!

reddy fox is impudent

Reddy did something careless

Reddy did a thing no truly wise Fox ever will do. He went two nights in succession to the same henhouse! The second time he just barely escaped being shot.

Old Granny Fox found out about it. Reddy can’t say to this day how Granny Fox had found out.

She gave him the worst scolding he had ever received from her.

You did something really stupid,” scolded Granny.

I’m do stupid things just like you, Granny Fox!” retorted Reddy in impudent manner.

What’s that?” demanded Granny. “What’s that you said?

Reddy grinned impudently and replied:

“I do stupid things just like you, Granny; but I know better than to take a nap in broad daylight right under the nose of Farmer Brown’s son.”

reddy fox is impudent

Granny Fox became angry

Granny’s eyes snapped, then things happened. She began to cuff Reddy.

She used her paws and cuffed him this way and cuffed him that way; then cuffed him the other way.

Granny cuffed Reddy until he felt that the air was full of black paws. Every cuff landed on his head or face with a sting.

Granny made Reddy go to sleep without dinner

Granny did not stop until she was out of breath.

They were painful and Reddy put his tail between his legs, began to whimper, then howl.

She exclaimed angrily:

“Perhaps that will teach you to be respectful to your elders. I was careless and stupid, and I am perfectly ready to admit it. I learnt a lesson.

Sometimes we learn to be wise through mistakes. However, it is foolish never to admit to making mistakes.”

Granny paused then continued:

Any Fox who makes the same mistake twice is a dead fox. Foxes who are impudent to their elders come to no good end.”

Granny walked off and said:

“I’ve got a fat goose hidden away for dinner, but you will get none of it.”

I—I wish I’d never heard of Granny’s mistake,” whined Reddy to himself as he crept to bed without dinner.

You ought to wish that you hadn’t been impudent,” whispered a small voice down inside him.

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