Reddy Fox Is Afraid To Go Home

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reddy fox is afraid to go home

Why is Reddy afraid to go home?

Today we learn that Reddy is afraid to go home. But why? When we ended last time, we were sure that Granny would catch Quacker Duck with her crazy behavior!

Has Granny Fox lost her senses?

Reddy and Granny had almost dined on Quacker the Duck over at the Big River that day! But they hadn’t caught him. Reddy was to blame.

That was the reason he was afraid to go home.

Reddy realized too late that Granny had taught him a new trick

Reddy Fox discovered too late that Granny Fox had taught him a new trick. He had watched her strange behavior from his hiding place on the bank.

Reddy had watched old Granny Fox whirling, rolling, and tumbling about as if she had entirely lost her senses.

Reddy Fox had watched Quacker swim in until he was almost on the shore in order to see Granny’s crazy antics. Reddy had been quite sure that Granny had lost her senses when she began.

Reddy Fox was quite sure that Granny Fox had lost her mind until he saw Quacker Duck draw close to the shore in curiosity. Granny really had the advantage and it would only take a minute before she had Quacker in her hungry jaws.

It was then that Reddy understood that Granny was not crazy. He realized then that she really was teaching him a new trick as she tried to catch their dinner.

reddy fox is afrad to go home

Reddy Fox really wanted to see Granny leap on Quacker Duck

Reddy Fox should have been ashamed of himself for believing that Granny was crazy. He should also have been ashamed for thinking that he knew all there was to know about hunting for .

Reddy’s eyes gleamed with excitement as Quacker drew closer to the shore with his eyes fixed on Granny’s red, whirling body. He wondered with excitement if Quacker come right up to the shore.

As Quacker Duck came nearer and nearer, Reddy began to squirm uneasily. He couldn’t see as well as he wanted to. The bushes in front of him were blocking his view.

Reddy Fox really, really wanted to see Granny make that jump and catch Quacker Duck for their dinner.

Reddy Fox peeped out of his hiding place!

Forgetting that Granny had warned him to lie low, Reddy eagerly raised his head to look over the edge of the bank. Unfortunately, Quacker Duck glanced in that direction at the same time!

His sharp eyes caught the movement of Reddy’s head. His curiosity over Granny’s behavior vanished in that exact moment of time.

Quacker Duck realized that the sharp face peering at him over the edge of the bank meant that he was in danger! It was all a trick!

Quacker caught on to the trick just in time. He turned in a flash!

Reddy could hear the sound as Quacker’s stiff wings beat the air. He could also hear the patter as Quacker’s feet hastily hit the water as he made his escape,

Reddy watched in despair as Quacker flew out to the safety of the open water. Granny sprang, but she was just too late. She only managed to wet her feet as she leaped in vain to catch Quacker Duck.

Granny realized that Reddy had frightened Quacker Duck

At first, Granny didn’t know what had frightened Quacker. She soon became suspicious and turned to look up at Reddy’s hiding place.

Granny couldn’t see Reddy! She bounded up the bank to look for him.

Reddy was not there. Granny saw him running away in the distance. He looked like a red spot as he ran further and further away.

Granny realized then that Reddy had frightened Quacker Duck. At first, she was very angry. She was very disappointed that her dinner had suddenly disappeared just as it was in reach.

As she watched him disappear in the distance, Granny muttered,

I’ll teach that young scamp a lesson he won’t soon forget when I get home.”

Granny Fox found a fish for dinner instead

Determined to get , Granny returned to the edge of the Big River. She found a dead fish that had been washed ashore. It was a very good fish, and Granny felt better after she had eaten it.

As Granny smacked her lips and started for home, she said,

“I taught Reddy a new trick that he will surely remember. He won’t feel so sure he knows it all. I guess it was worthwhile even if I didn’t catch Quacker!”

Meantime Reddy had a guilty conscience and was afraid to go home. Miserable and hungry, he hunted through the Green Forest all the long night. He wished and wished that he had heeded what old Granny Fox had told him.


More next time.

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