My Childhood Playground | By Mercedes Moss 2005

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Coconut, plum and mango trees feature in “;” a nostalgic and endearing reminiscences of an adult who grew up in the Caribbean.

One of my treasured memories is playing with siblings and friends in the yard of the home where we lived. The yard was the place where we played games of cricket, rounders and hop skotch. It was long and narrow and suitable for that sort of game.

That wasn’t all. There was a large, sloping area for the coconut tree, a plum tree and a breadfruit tree. My siblings and I had a lot of fun swinging on the branches of the coconut tree and unto the galvanized roof of a nearby chicken coop. There was a lot of screaming and laughter.

We would also make swings with ropes and a plank of board and attach them to the plum tree. Once the limb broke while I was swinging merrily and I had a nasty tumble down the slope and into the yard below.

Childhood playground swing on

Although I forgot to mention the mango tree, it was needed for the juicy, delicious fruit when they came into season and for testing our prowess in climbing.

Did I mention that there was also a backyard? Yes! It was also quite large and contained another mango tree. This was the area where we also played hide and seek, mainly because the house had an entrance leading to a small basement where we could “hide”.

Memories of my fill me with nostalgia. Especially poignant is the one sliding on slabs of crate (a makeshift toy car), down the slope at the front of the house to the yard below.

I wish children everywhere could have a like the one I had.

Dedicated with love to

Mommy and Daddy
Siblings – Lyndon, Karen, Monique and Marsha.
Nephews – Corey, Valique, -Austyn and Zayn.
Nieces – Valissa and Anezka

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