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Introduction – Loves Me” submissions guidelines

This article contains the submission guidelines for the Loves Me project. First, let’s offer you an invitation.

Introduction – Loves Me” submissions invitation

loves Me is a project inspired by our Heavenly . It is designed to encourage children around the world to declare the love of for them and to share that love with others.

Invitations are open for children arond the world to submit renditions of the 1800s children’s song, Jesus Loves Me.”

Submissions should be made by an adult for children under 15 years old.

Each entrant will receive a token of appreciation and will be added to our email list with their permission.

This is our way of keeping in touch and sharing the love of God with children in the future.

Submission categories – “Jesus Loves Me”

  • Acapella.
  • Action song.
  • With hand motions.
  • Cartoon videos.
  • Solos, duets, trios, quartets, chorale or choirs etc.

Submission duration – “Jesus Loves Me”

Submissions should be no longer than three to eight minutes.

Submission media – “Jesus Loves Me”

Submission media should include videos or audios in mp3 or mp4 format.

Images and other materials used should be copyright free.

Submission tutorial – “Jesus Loves Me”

  1. Enter post title as shown below.
  2. Capitalize the FIRST LETTER of each word.
  3. You can add variations to the title such as:
  • Jesus Loves Me Video By YOUR NAME HERE.
  • YOUR NAME HERE Sings Jesus Loves Me Acapella/

3. Enter the words Jesus loves me in the post tags area. Select the tags that are best suited for your submission.

4. Click on ADD MEDIA to upload your video or audio.

You will be taken to the page below. Do the following:

Add Media – Upload Files OR

Add Media – Insert From URL.


GDPR for EU residents.

6. Click on AGREE TO THE TERMS if you agree.

7. Click on SUBMIT POST only if you agree.

8. Your submission will be reviewed and you will be notified of your status from

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