Has Granny Fox Lost Her Senses?

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reddy fox is afrad to go home

Has Granny lost her senses is today’s story?

Has Granny Lost Her Senses? is the latest in the Granny Fox series. In our previous story, Reddy and Granny are at the Lake trying to catch Quacker Duck.

Read Granny and reddy go hunting.

Let’s find out what happened.

As Reddy peeped through the bushes on the bank of the Big River, he saw Quacker swimming about in the water. There was no way they could reach him because the water there ran too swiftly to freeze.

Just as I thought,” muttered Reddy, “we’ve got just as much chance of catching him as I have of jumping over the moon. That’s what I’ll tell Granny!

Reddy crept back carefully to prevent Quacker from seeing him. He had a very impudent facial expression when he had reached the place where Granny was waiting for him.

“Well,” said Granny , “what shall we do to catch him?”

Reddy saucily replied, “we’ll have to swim like a fish and fly like a bird.”

Granny had to restrain herself from boxing his ears.

“Do you mean that we can’t catch him?” Granny replied quietly.

I know he can’t be caught, not by us anyway!” snapped Reddy.

“I suppose you wouldn’t even try to catch him?” retorted Granny.

I’m old enough to know when I’m wasting my time,” replied Reddy with a toss of his head.

In other words, you think I’m a silly old Fox who has lost her senses!” replied Granny sharply.

No-o. I didn’t say that,” protested Reddy, looking very uncomfortable.

sent Reddy to keep an eye on Quacker Duck

I know you think that I’ve lost my senses! declared .

She continued:

Now look here, Mr. Smarty, do just as I tell you. Creep back there and watch everything that Quacker does. Be careful to keep out of his sight. Now go.

Reddy obeyed Granny. There was nothing else to do. He didn’t dare disobey.

Granny watched until Reddy had reached his hiding place.

What do you think that she did next?

She walked right out on the little beach just below Reddy and in plain sight of Quacker! Yes, Sir, that is what she did!

has granny fox lost her senses?

walked on to the beach and began acting strangely

Granny put on such a strange performance that it is no wonder that Reddy was sure that she had lost her senses!

She rolled over and over. She chased her tail round and round until it Reddy became dizzy as he watched her.

She jumped up in the air. She raced back and forth. She played with a bit of stick.

All that time she didn’t pay any attention to Quacker the Duck!

Reddy stared and stared. Whatever had come over Granny? She had gone crazy.

Yes, Sir, that must be the matter! She must have gone crazy because she had gone without for such a long time!

Poor Granny! She was in her second childhood!

Reddy could remember how he had done these things when he was a very young, fox. He did them to show off how great he felt.

Reddy Fox felt that it was very undignified for a grown-up Fox to behave like that. Reddy believed in being dignified.

Granny was disgraceful and very undignified. He hoped that none of his neighbors would come along and see Granny behaving like that!

They would talk about it forever!

would not stop the strange behavior

Granny Fox rolled over and over.

She chased her tail around and around.

The snow flew up in a cloud.

She was very quiet and made no sound.

Reddy wondered if to go off and leave her until she had regained her common sense.

He wondered of he should try to stop her.

At that time, he happened to look out onto the open water where Quacker was.

He was amazed to see that Quacker was sitting up as straight as he could! In fact, he had his wings raised and was sitting on his tail in order to get a good view of old Granny Fox.

I believe that fellow is coming closer to the shore!” muttered Reddy.

Reddy crouched lower than ever. Instead of watching Granny, he began to watch Quacker the Duck.

Quacker The Duck Grows Curious

Pld Granny Fox believed that the most curious thing in the world is curiosity. She was very accurate in that saying.

It is curious, very curious, how sometimes curiosity will get the best of even the wisest and most sensible of people. Even Old Granny Fox herself was led into trouble because of curiosity.

Now we really did not expect that Quacker the Wild Duck would be led into trouble by curiosity. He had spent the summer in the Far North with Honker the Goose.

In fact, he had been born in the Far North. He had started for the faraway Southland along with Honker. However, he had found plenty to eat when reached the Big River and had decided to stay a while.

The Big River had frozen over everywhere except in this one place where the water was too swift to freeze. Quacker had remained there.

You see, he was a good diver and found plenty to eat on the bottom of the river. Only Roughleg the Hawk could catch him out here.

Any time Roughleg came along, Quacker would dive and come up some place far away. He would laugh and make fun of Roughleg. The water couldn’t get through his oily feathers, so he didn’t mind how cold it was.

There were many dangers in Quacker’s home in the Far North. He had learned to be very vigilant and careful early in life. He had been hunted by men with big guns on his way down to the Big River.

Quacker had learned all about them and felt quite able to keep out of harm’s way. He rather prided himself that there was no one smart enough to catch him.

I believe that Quacker thought he knew everything. He was a good deal like Reddy Fox. That was because he was young. It is the way with young Ducks and Foxes and with some other youngsters I know.

Quacker became fascinated by Granny Fox’s strange behavior

When Quacker first saw Granny Fox on the little beach, he waved his absurd little tail. He smiled as he thought about how she longed to catch him. As far as he could see, Granny didn’t even look at him once.

She doesn’t know I’m out here at all,” thought Quacker.

He suddenly sat up very straight and looked with all his might. What under the sun was the matter with that Fox? She was acting as if she had suddenly lost her senses.

The fox rolled over and over.

She spun around and around.

She turned somersaults.

She lay on her back and kicked her heels in the air.

Quacker had never seen anyone act like that. There must be something the matter with her!

Quacker began to get excited. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Old Granny Fox.

He began to swim nearer. He wanted to see better.

He really forgot that she was a Fox. She moved so fast that she was just a strange red spot on the beach.

Whatever she was doing was very curious and very exciting!

Quacker swam nearer and nearer. The excitement was catching. He began to swim in circles too.

All this time he drew nearer and nearer to the shore. He didn’t feel afraid. He was just curious. He wanted to see better.

Although he didn’t know it, Granny was watching Quacker closely as she performed her antics. As he swam nearer and nearer to the shore, Granny rolled and tumbled farther and farther back.

At last, Quacker was close to the shore. If he kept on, he would be right on the land in a few minutes.

He stared and stared all this time. He did not think at all about the danger that he was in. He was so full of curiosity that the thought of danger disappeared.

I’ll catch him in one more minute,” thought Granny.

Granny Fox whirled faster than ever. And just then something happened.

More next time.


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