Granny Fox Wakes Up From Her Bad Dream

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granny fox admits that she's getting old

Today, . But last time she had just come out of her bad dream to find herself staring down the barrel of the gun held by Farmer Brown’s son.

Granny Fox has a bad dream

Poor Old Granny ! She had been in difficult places before. However, she had never, never been in such a difficult situation.

Farmer Brown’s son stood there looking along the barrel of his dreadful gun. He stared straight at her, and there was only a short distance between them!

Running away was no use. He was too close to her. Granny was really scared. That dreadful gun would go “bang!” and that would be the end of her.

In times of danger heed this rule:

Think hard and fast, and keep your cool.”

Granny was petrified

For a few seconds, Granny stared at Farmer Brown’s boy. She was too frightened to move or even think. Soon she began to wonder why that dreadful gun didn’t go off.

What was Farmer Brown’s boy waiting for? Granny got to her feet. She was sure that the first step would be her last, yet she couldn’t stay there.

How could Fanner Brown’s boy do such a dreadful thing? Somehow, his freckled face didn’t look cruel. He was even beginning to grin.

He was very amused that he had caught the fox napping. He knew she couldn’t possibly get away from him this time. Old sobbed under her breath.

Bat eared fox

Farmer Brown’s son did some unexpected

Farmer Brown’s boy did something unexpected. What do you think it was?

No, he didn’t shoot . He didn’t fire his dreadful gun.

He threw a snowball at Old and shouted “Boo!”

What do you think he did?

That is what he did. Then he laughed as Granny gave a great leap and made those black legs of hers fly as never before.

Granny Fox expected to hear that dreadful gun go off at any moment. It seemed as if her heart would burst with fright as she ran away. She felt that each jump would be the last one.

But the dreadful gun didn’t go bang. After a little while, when she felt safe, Granny Fox turned to look back over her shoulder.

Farmer Brown’s boy was standing right where she had last seen him. He was laughing harder than ever. Yes, he was laughing,.

Although Old Granny Fox didn’t think so at the time, his laughter was good to hear. It was good-natured and merry and all that an honest laugh should be.

Run Granny! Run!” shouted Farmer Brown’s boy. “The next time you are tempted to steal my chickens, remember that I caught you napping and let you off when I might have shot you. Just remember that and leave my chickens alone.”

Two birds saw Granny Fox’s near capture

Now it happened that Tommy Tit the Chickadee had seen all that had happened. He bubbled over with joy and said:

“Dee, dee, dee, Chickadee! It’s just as I always said. Farmer Brown’s boy isn’t bad. He’s friendly with everyone.”

Black-capped chickadee

Maybe, maybe,” grumbled Sammy Jay, who also had seen all that had happened. “But he’s altogether too smart for me to trust. Oh, my! oh, my! This is great news to tell! Old Granny Fox will never hear the end of it.

Sammy Jay continued:

“If ever again she boasts of how smart she is, we will remind her of the time Farmer Brown’s boy caught her napping. “

“Ho! ho! ho! I must hurry along and find my cousin, Blacky the Crow. This will amuse him indeed.”

Blue Jay

Old Granny Fox became more afraid of Farmer Brown’s son

Old Granny Fox was now more afraid of Farmer Brown’s son. Nothing could make her believe that he wanted to be her friend.

She thought he had let her get away just to show her that he was smarter than she.

What’s going to happen next?.

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