Granny Fox Promised To Eat Bowser’s Dinner

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Granny Fox promised to eat Bowser’s dinner

As we ended the previous story, Granny Fox promised to eat Bowser’s dinner. If you remember, Bowser was Farmer Brown’s dog, and a very dangerous enemy of Granny Fox and Reddy.

Bowser was a hound. Hounds are hunting dogs that love to chase, so Granny and Reddy were very courageous to think about stealing his dinner.

What Granny Fox was planning to do was very daring and brave. Let’s see what happened.

When Old Granny Fox asked Reddy if he’d like to eat Bowser’s dinner, Reddy looked at her sharply. he wondered if Granny was joking or if she really meant what she said.

Granny’s expression was very serious, and Reddy decided that she couldn’t be joking. He thought, though, that it sounded as if Granny was joking!

Reddy replied to Granny’s suggestion:

“I certainly would like to eat Bowser’s dinner, Granny. Yes, indeed! Do you think that Bowser would give us his dinner at all?”

Granny chuckled in response:

“No, Reddy, Bowser isn’t generous, especially to Foxes. He isn’t going to give us that dinner. We are going to take it away from him.”

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Reddy couldn’t see how they could steal Bowser’s dinner

Reddy couldn’t see how they could ever steal Bowser’s dinner. That seemed to be an impossible task. Anyway, he had great faith in Granny’s cleverness.

Reddy remembered how Granny had almost caught Quacker the Duck. He realized that she had been busy thinking about how they would eat while he was out hunting for . Old Granny Fox was doing more than resting her tired old bones.

Reddy knew that Granny’s sharp wits been not been idle. He knew that all that time she had been studying and studying to find some way to get something to eat.

Reddy’s faith in Granny was very great at that moment. He would have believed if she had told him she would get him a slice of the moon.

Reddy thoughtfully mused out loud:

“I suppose that we can take away Bowser’s dinner if you say we can. But I don’t see how we can do it. However, let’s do it right away if we can.”

“I’m hungry enough to dare almost anything for the sake of getting to eat. My stomach is so empty that the little bit of fish we ate is shaking around as if it were lost.

Gracious! I could eat a million fish the size of that one!

By Plotthund – Own work Eget bildearkiv, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Reddy longed to eat one of Farmer Brown’s hens

“Have you thought of eating Fanner Brown’s hens, Granny?”, asked Reddy Fox.

Of course, Reddy! Of course! What a silly question!” replied Granny. “We may have to think of a plan to get Farmer Brown’s hens.

I wish I had one of his hens right now,” interrupted Reddy with a sigh.

Remember what I have told you,” continued Granny, “the surest way to get into trouble is to steal hens. I’m not feeling up to being chased by Bowser the Hound right now.

If we came right home we would give away our hiding place and Farmer Brown will smoked us out. That would be the end of us.

“Besides, those hens will be hard to get this in this weather, because they will stay in their house. There is no way for us to get in the hens’ house unless we walk right in, in broad daylight. That would be foolish.”

“It’s a better idea to take Bowser’s dinner away from him. If we are careful, no one but Bowser will know about it. We won’t have to worry about him as long as he is chained.”

Just as you say, Granny; just as you say,” replied Reddy. “You know best. But how under the sun can we get Bowser’s dinner away from him?”

It’s very, very simple,” replied Granny, “most things are simple enough when you find out how to do them. Neither of us could do it alone, but together we can do it without the least bit of risk. Listen.

Granny went close to Reddy and whispered, although there wasn’t a soul within hearing. A slow grin spread over Reddy’s face as he listened. When she had finished, Reddy laughed loudly.

Granny, you are amazing!” he exclaimed with admiration, “I never should have thought of that. Of course we can do it. Bowser will be surprised and angry! Come on, let’s go!”

All right,” said Granny.

The two of them started off towards Farmer Brown’s home.

Remember that it is wrong to steal

Children, remember that it is wrong to steal. People who steal take things that do not belong to them.

Bowser was hungry and needed his dinner, so Granny Fox and Reddy are not doing the right thing.

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