Granny And Reddy Fox Go Hunting

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Granny And Reddy Fox Go Hunting

Granny and Reddy go hunting

Granny and Reddy go hunting is the second in a series of stories about Granny Fox. In this story, they are going to catch Quacker the Wild Duck.

Mr. Sun was happy, round and, bright as he started on his daily climb up in the blue, blue sky that morning. As he did so, he spied two figures trotting across the snow-covered Green Meadows. Granny led the way.

They were trotting along quite focused on their destination. Those two figures were Granny and Reddy . They were headed for the Big River at the place where the water ran too swiftly to freeze.

The day before Reddy had discovered Quacker the Wild Duck swimming about there. Granny and Reddy were hungry and were on their way to try to catch him.

wondered if Granny really believed she could catch Quacker

Granny led the way and Reddy meekly followed her. To tell the truth, Reddy was not sure if they could even chance to catch Quacker.

This was because Quacker usually stayed far out in the water where he was as safe from them. Reddy had only gone with Granny in the hope that he might find a dead fish washed up on the shore.

As Reddy trotted behind Granny, he thought:

“Granny certainly is growing foolish in her old age. I told her that Quacker did not come ashore at all yesterday. I don’t believe he ever comes ashore.”

She ought to know that she can’t catch him out there in the water. Granny used to be smart when she was young, I guess. She certainly is losing her mind now.

“It’s a pity, a great pity. I can just imagine how Quacker will laugh at her. I will have to laugh myself.”

Granny And Reddy Fox Go Hunting

Granny really believed she could catch Quacker

Reddy Fox laughed indeed, but he was very careful to hide his laughter from Granny. He kept a straight face whenever she looked backward in his direction.

He pretended to be eager to catch Quacker. Now old knew a lot about the Great World. Reddy Fox did not know what she was thinking. If he had, he would have realized that he was not as smart as he thought he was.

In fact, Granny was doing some quiet laughing herself. She said to herself:

He thinks I’m old and foolish and don’t know what I’m about, the young scamp!”

“He thinks he has learned all there is to learn. There is no point in trying to tell him anything. When young folks feel the way he does, it is a waste of time to talk to them.”

“I have to teach him a lesson. There is nothing like experience to take the conceit out of these youngsters.”

Now a conceited person feels that he or she knows more than anyone else. Perhaps you do. Then again, perhaps you don’t.

Therefore, sometimes it is best not to be too sure of your own opinion.

Reddy was sure of himself. He trotted along behind old and planned smart things to tell her when she discovered that it was impossible to catch Quacker the Duck.

I am afraid, very much afraid, that Reddy was planning to be cheeky. People who think that they are smart are likely to be cheeky.

Granny and Reddy arrived at the Big River

Granny and Reddy soon came to the bank of the Big River. Old told Reddy to sit still. She crept up behind some bushes where she could peek out over the Big River.

Reddy Fox grinned as he watched her. He was still grinning when she tiptoed back. He expected her face to show disappointment. Instead, looked very pleased. She said:

“Quacker is there, and I think he will make us a very good dinner. I want you to creep up behind those bushes and see for yourself. When you’re done, come back here and tell me what you think we’d better do to get him.”

Reddy crept up behind the bushes. Granny grinned as she watched him. As he crept along, Reddy wondered if it Quacker would come ashore for once.

Granny seemed sure that they could catch him. But when he peeped through the hushes, Reddy saw Quacker way out in the middle of the open water, just like the day before.

What would happen ext?

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