Four Men Tore Up The Roof Bible Story

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four men tore up the roof bible story

Our latest bible story is “four men tore up the roof”

Four men tore up the roof bible story is an exciting memory of how healed a paralyzed man.

The sick man was paralyzed and could not some of his hands and feet. He could not walk and had to be carried around on a stretcher.

That was a lot of work because four people had to carry him. Maybe he spent a lot of time lying at home on his bed.

Let’s read on to learn how four strong friends cared a lot for their sick pal and took him to .

This is a story about Jesus that we find in the Bible. – Slide 1

returned home and the people gathered to see Him

One day, returned to the city where He lived. It was called Capernaum. He had been busy teaching and healing the people and needed to rest.

The people living in the city became excited when they heard that was at home.

They immediately congregated at the house where He lived, because they wanted to hear Him and see miracles.

Seeing their need, Jesus began to teach the people about the Kingdom of Heaven.

When they got to the house they couldn't get in. There was no more room. ‘We have an idea,’ said his friends, ‘We’ll climb the stairs onto the roof. Hold on tight!’ – Slide 4

Four men heard about Jesus’s arrival

Meantime, four men heard that Jesus was in the city. They had a friend who could not walk or move around. They decided to carry him to the place where the Lord was teaching and ask Jesus to heal him.

They picked up their friend’s stretcher. He was heavy, but they were determined to get him to Jesus.

When they got to the house, there were a lot of people crowding around the entrance. No one would allow them to pass because they didn’t want to miss ONE word.

His friends said, ‘We will carry you. Jesus can make you better. You must see Jesus! Hold on tight.’ They picked up his bed and off they went. – Slide 3

The four men took their friend up onto the roof

The men refused to be dejected. Suddenly, one of them had a bright idea:

Why don’t we take him up to the roof? We’ll make a hole in the roof and let him down with a rope?”

Now in those days, the roofs of houses were made from materials like reeds, straw, and bushes. The people would then cover the straw either with mud or clay.

They would then sprinkle either sand or small rock pebbles on the top layer (Apologetics Press, 2014).

The four men let their friend down through the hole in the roof

The four men got to work, tearing up the roof to make a large space for their friend.

Did anyone feel the grass falling?

Did they feel the pebbles hitting them?

Perhaps they were too engrossed with the Lord’s message!

Success! The hole was ready! The men carefully let their friend down using ropes.

Whoa! People began to point, gape and snicker.

Jesus stopped teaching and watched their progress.

The people gave a cheer when the man got to the floor,

Then all eyes turned to look at Christ.

His friends made a hole in the roof. They looked down. All the people were looking up! His friends could see Jesus too! – Slide 5

Jesus chuckled and forgave the man’s sins

When the man on the stretcher reached His feet, Jesus chuckled and said,

, I forgive your sins.”

Some of the leaders began to say in their hearts:

“How dare he! Only God can forgive sins!”

Jesus heard whatt hey were thinking and said to them:

“Why are you thinking like that? Is it easier to forgive his sins or to tell him to take up his bed and walk?”

“Anyway, I want you to know that I am God and can forgive sins.”

Carefully they lowered the man down on ropes. People moved back to make room. He landed right in front of Jesus!  Jesus smiled at him. – Slide 6

Jesus told the man to get up and walk

After correcting the leaders, Jesus turned to the man and said,

“Arise, take up your bed and go home.”

The man got up instantly and walked. He began to praise God.

The people were amazed. They praised God and said that they had never seen anything like that!

‘Get up and walk,’ said Jesus. The man who had never walked before stood up! He jumped! He danced! He ran! <br/>He shouted, ‘Thank you God! Thank you Jesus!’ – Slide 8
Slide 9

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