Baby Milestones: Did You Know That Your Baby Talks Using Sign Language?

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Your baby uses to send you messages

Baby  is a collection of  memorable, non- verbal and simple signals  that hearing babies use to in order to speak long before they can communicate with words. emphasizes that “Baby sign is distinct from . Baby sign is used by hearing parents with hearing children to improve communication…” 

Babies use to tell others about their wants, needs and thoughts. They use signs to communicate problems like hunger, thirst, fatigue, feeling unwell  or wanting to read a book or with a toy.  They begin very early in life to  copy adults and learn to  do things like   waving, clapping or shaking their heads to indicate yes or no.

For example, did you know that a babies  complain about being hungry by smacking their  lips together and wave their hands sideways when they no longer want any ?  One baby that I know pushes his away to indicate that he is no longer hungry.

However, many adults are unaware that babies talk to them using an extensive   vocabulary.  For example, when a baby wants to be picked up, he or she raises their arms.  Interestingly, that sign is easy to recognize, but babies often give off  signals that others do not know., simply because they are unaware that they exist.

 Baby Sign Helps Parents And Care Givers To Understand What Your Child Is Thinking 
And Saying Long Before He Or She  Can Talk

Parents should therefore teach their babies to communicate using sign language long before they can speak

Babies communicate early by babbling and signing.  When a parent  or caregiver understands  the child’s signals, it helps them to respond quickly and reduce frustration.

Just before you get scared away,  be reassured that baby sign language is a technique developed  by a team of  child development experts. The team accumulated this knowledge during twenty years of scientific research and discovered some really important advantages of using signs to communicate with babies.

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Some babies can learn simple signs as young as six months. However, the baby may not be able to respond with signs due to lack of hand control which begins to appear about eight to nine months.  Parents and caaregivers can begin teaching signs even if the baby can’t respond, because they are smart and learning about what they see. 

Six common signs that you can teach your baby 


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Nine benefits of using sign language to talk with  babies

The child development researchers discovered that sign language:

  1. Helps babies talk sooner.. 
  2. Reduces tantrums, tears and frustration..
  3. Increases self-esteem and self-confidence. 
  4. Enriches bond with parents, siblings and caregivers.. 
  5. Develops larger vocabularies & understand more words..
  6. Increases communication and learning at a very early age..
  7. Helps improve intellectual development, resulting in higher IQs.
  8. Encourages greater interest in books and pretend at an early age..
  9. Reveals how smart babies really are and gives  a window into their minds.

Watch these videos to learn more

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