Stories For Kids Videos

About stories for kids videos Stories for kids videos is the Baby Milestones YouTube playlist. Watch to enjoy stories in video format.

Mother Turkey And Chicks

Mother Turkey and her chicks Mother Turkey and her chicks is a bedtime story about a wise turkey who protected her chicks from a sly fox. let’s read on. Mother Turkey believed in the old adage taught to her by her grandmother, “The early bird catches the worm.” Every evening…

The Baby Show

About the baby show The baby show is an endearing children’s story about a family who entered the baby Theophilus Banks into a children’s show. They did so hoping to win a silver cup for the father, Mr. Theodore Banks. Let’s read more. Jessica Bank. Mr. Theophilus Banks had three…

Three Little Pigs

About the children’s story: three little pigs This post features the beloved story titled “Three Little Pigs.” This story was written by an unknown author and has been adapted. As a result, it has many versions. The story of the three little pigs comes with several lessons: 1. Parents must…

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