Baby Milestones At 6 Months

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Ten in a six month old baby

  • holds head steady when sitting with your help
  • reaches for and grasps objects
  • plays with his toes
  • helps hold the bottle during feeding
  • explores by mouthing and banging objects
  • moves toys from one hand to another
  • shakes a rattle
  • pulls up to a sitting position on her own if you grasp the hands
  • sits with only a little support
  • sits in a

Two Sensory and Thinking milestones at six months

  • opens his mouth for the spoon
  • imitates familiar actions you perform

Five and Social milestones in a six month old baby

  • babbles, making almost sing-song sounds
  • knows familiar faces
  • laughs and squeal with delight
  • screams if annoyed
  • smiles at self in a mirror

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