Baby Milestones: 19 Month Developmental Milestones

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19 month old height

A nineteen month old boy should be about 32. 8 inches and a female shoud be about 32. 2 inches.

Nineteen month old boys should weigh about 24 1/2 pounds while their female counterpart should weigh about 23.9 pounds.

19 month old sleep duration

Nineteen month old children may nap for sorter hours during the daytime. The sleep routine my be:

1.5 to 3 hours naptime.
11 to 12 hours of sleep at night.

Parents should establish a bedtime routine which could include bible stories and prayer, in order to help the child to sleep. If there are nighttime disturbances, pray or read the bible out loud without awakening him or her.
Angels are assigned to protect and defend your child, and they become active in an environment of the Word of God and praises to the Most High.

children learning to read on

19 month old speech

Nineteen month old toddlers should be able to speak about 10 to 20 words. The child will begin to usnderstand two-part sentences like “Please get the truck and bring it here.”

One other speech milestones is that the will be able to understand up to 10 times as many words as they say. Therefore, a parent or caregiver should not assume that the child cannot understand because their lanaguage is limited. This is why it is important to continue language development strategies like singing, reading and speaking with the child.

As the child develops speech, he or she will pretend to read to toys; will name familiar pictures; fill in easy words as stories are read.

Click on the image below to discover this amazing reading resource that I got for a 19 month old toddler

19 Months Old Baby Milestones

19 month old teething patterns

Your toddler is growing the upper cuspids and lower second molars at this time and may experience teething discomfort. The cuspids or canine teeth are the pointed, long teeth in the mouth while the molars are large and flat and located at the back of the mouth.

Mayo Clinic (2019) says that signs of teething can include:

Chewing on objects
Low grade or light fever
Irritability or crankiness
Soreness or tenderness in the gums

Mayo Clinic (2019) also recommends that teething discomfort can be treated by:

– Keeping the gums cool and soothed with a cold washcloth, spoon or chilled teething ring. ’t use a frozen teething ring as this is too cold.

– Rubbing ’s gums by using a clean finger or moistened gauze pad. The pressure can ease discomfort.

– Using hard foods which can provide an object for the to gnaw on. Examples include a peeled and chilled cucumber or carrot. Monitor the closely to prevent choking if pieces break off.

– Drying the drool which can be excessive. A water based cream moisturizer can prevent the chin from drying out.

– Using an over-the-counter remedy such as Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Panadol) if the is very cranky.

19 Months Old Baby Milestones

How to care for ’s teeth

Before teeth appear, use a clean, damp washcloth or a soft infant toothbrush to clean baby’s gums every day. Once teeth appear, use an infant toothbrush which should be small and soft-bristled.

Use a smear of toothpaste about the size of a rice grain initially then switch to a pea-sized amount as the child approaches 2 to 3 years of age. I prefer a herbal toothpaste which is free of .

Dental checks should begin when the baby is about one year old.

19 month old intake

Nineteen month old children should be fed three daily meals plus two snacks. At this time, toddlers need about three 8-ounce cups of whole milk per day in order to supply calcium for their growing bones and teeth.

Caregivers should continue to offer various kinds of foods each time the child eats. Most toddlers should eat about ¾ to 1 cup of fruits and veggies, ¼ cup grains and three tablespoons of protein daily.

Baby Milestones 19 Months

How to wean your 19 month old toddler

The nineteen month old toddler should be slowly weaned from the breast. One of the easiest ways to do so is to slowly reduce the number of nursing sessions. For example, the mother can drop one daily nursing session for at least three to seven days before dropping the next.

However, in order to prevent a feeling of rejection, mothers should not deprive the child if undue fussiness or even sorrow occurs due to lack of breastfeeding.

A slow weaning pace also protects the mother from developing congested milk ducts, pain and infection.

How 19 month old toddlers and its importance in development

Children at ths time begin to sort or put things into similar groups as they . For example, the child may separate toys or blocks into colors and may separate toys based on similarities. Sorting is important in development because it helps to strengthen the muscles in their hands and fingers.

Children also enjoy stacking things into piles and may do things like stacking rings over a stick or put things in order from largest to smallest or vice versa.

Sorting and stacking are important behaviors that indicate that the child is problem solving. These activities prepare the child to solve more sophisticated problems later in life. Therefore, parents and caregivers should play along and encourage the child in these activities.

Baby Milestones At 19 Months

Dealing with temper tantrums in nineteen month old children

Toddlers may begin to experience temper tantrums begat 19 months. In some cultures, people believe that the child is being “rude” and may beat the child.

Tantrums may be due to the child wanting to become more independent, fatigue or stress. This is a normal part of every child’s development and parents should not panic.

Watch this video to see how to deal with tantrums

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