Baby Milestones: 18 Month Old Baby Developmental Milestones

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What are the expected ?

In this post we will explain the expected 18 month developmental in relation to weight and height, language, social and emotional, cognitive, motor or movement. We will end with recommended parenting and health tips. Please read on.

18 month old weight and height

At 18 months, a toddler should weigh abour 22.4 – 26.0 pounds and be 31. 7 – 33.1 inches high.

18 month old language

By 18 months, most children are able to:

– Say several single words.
– Use a mix of made up and understandable words when they are speaking.
– Understand 10 times more than they are able to put into words.
– Know the names of some people, body parts, and objects. They can often point to an object in a book when asked.
– Follow two-step commands, such as “Go get your teddy bear, and bring it here.”
– Say “no” and shake the head to indicate “no.”
– Point to objects to show someone else what he or she wants.
– Sing along to a song in tone, and may or may not use words.
– Understand the concepts of “in” and “on.”
– Repeat words heard in a conversation.
– May use one word to express and entire sentence. For example, the child may say, “water” instead of “may I have water please.”

In order to aid language development, parents and caregivers should hold conversations and read to the child in order to build their language skills. way to build her verbal skills.

18 month old social and emotional development

By 18 months, most children:

– Like to hand things to others as .
– May have temper tantrums.
– May be afraid of strangers.
– Show affection to familiar people.
simple pretend games.
– May cling to parents sand caregivers in new situations.
– Point to show others something interesting.
– Explore alone but with parent close by.

18 month old cognitive development

Cognitive development refers the ’s ability to learn, think and problem solve. By 18 months, most toddlers:

– Know what ordinary things represent and know the usage of the telephone, brush, spoon and other familiar objects.
– Point to get the attention of others.
– Show interest in stuffed animals pretending to feed.
– Point to one body part.
– Scribble independently.
– Can follow 1-step verbal commands without any gestures; for example, sits when told to “sit down.”

18 month old motor or movement development

Most children by 18 months of age may be able to:

– Stand from a crawling position without holding onto anything.
– Walk without assistance.
– Walk up steps and run
– Hold a cup without assistance.
– Can do things like drink from a cup and eat with a spoon, since he or she can coordinate hand movement between the fingers and the wrist.
– Press buttons, move handles, and turn knobs.
– Can stack 4 blocks.
– Pull toys while walking.
– Undress him or herself.

Positive parenting tips for 18 month old toddlers

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (2019) recommends that parents and caregivers implement the following positive parenting tips in order to help toddlers to achieve their developmental :

Read to your toddler daily to help develop their language skills and understanding.

Ask the child to find objects for you.

Name body parts and objects.

Encourage your toddler’s curiosity and ability to recognize common objects by taking field trips together to the park or going on a bus ride.

matching games with your toddler, like shape sorting and simple puzzles.

Encourage the child to explore and try new things.

Help with language development by talking with the toddler, adding to words the child starts. For example, if your toddler says “baba”, you can respond, “Yes, you are right―that is a bottle.”

Help your child to become independent by allowing him or her to participate in activities like dressing or feeding him or herself.

Pay more attention to desirable behaviors.

Use brief time outs for unwanted behaviors and respond by telling or showing the child what he or she should do instead.

18 Month Baby Development Milestones

Health tips from the CDC (2019) for toddlers

The CDC (2019) recommends that parents and caregivers should implement the following guidelines in order to help toddlers to develop healthy bodies:

Give the child water and plain milk instead of sugary drinks.

Continue to breastfeed since it provides nutrients and protection from illness.

Offer a selection of healthy foods and allow the child to choose what he or she likes.

Add new foods even though it might take time for him or her to learn to like them.

Do not force the child to eat since toddlers need less since they do not grow as fast. About 3 lbs is added at this stage of development.

Limit screen time For children younger than 2 years of age since it may impair vision. It is best if toddlers not watch any screen media.

Allow the child to —run, kick, climb and jump in order to develop coordination and to become strong.

Make sure your child gets 11 – 14 hours of sleep each day including naps.

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