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Your is 16 months old

This article will explore the developmental milestones that your precious should achieve at 16 months. Since parents and caregivers play a critical role in the development of those little ones, this article intends to equip you with information on how to do so to the best of your ability. He or she is officially at a developmental stage referred to as toddler.

16 month old weight

One of the most important questions parents ask is On average boys weigh 23 pounds and girls weigh 21.6 pounds.

16 month old height

On average 16 month old girls will be about 30.9 inches tall, while boys will be slightly taller at 31.6 inches.

16 month old sleep

Experts say that your baby will need about 12 – 14 hours of sleep by 16 months. Your child may continue to take up to 2 naps per day with the average nap lasting about 2 – 2.5 hours. Baby should be taking about one nap daily by 18 months. The baby should be able to comfortably stay awake for about 5 hours in between naps.

Sometimes toddlers may experience problems taking naps. This could be due to a number of issues like

lack of a consistent nap schedule.
watching too much television.
overuse of computers, tablets etc.
excessive fatigue which causes the child to be unable to fall off to sleep easily.
overstimulated by events such as a birthday party.

Parents and caregivers can help toddlers to nap by establishing nap routines. If you ever visited a day care center, you will observe that children are trained to nap. This may be done after an activity like circle time in which stories are read to calm the child before inducing sleep. This shows us that children need to be prepared for their naps.

Therefore naps could be enhanced by:

keeping to a regular nap routine, such as after lunch. Give at least half hour to forty five minutes for the meal to settle before allowing the child to lie down.

reading a short story or cuddling the child

bathing the child to enhance relaxation. This is a tip that I got from one mother that I know.

16 month old baby

16 month old walking milestones

Your 16 month old child should now be walking and running. Since they are now mobile, this requires parents and caregivers to pay greater attention to safety measures in and around the home. This is because the child is now an explorer who enjoys activities like looking into cupboards, removing items like pots and pans, putting things in their mouths to take a taste.

Parents and caregivers should enhance safety by:

keeping exploration in areas with soft carpeted surfaces.
keeping the child away from sharp corners of furniture. You may need to pad these areas until the child is older.
locking away chemicals and medications in cupboards above the child’s reach.
enclosing pools with barricades in order to prevent the child from falling in.
monitoring the child’s activities to prevent him or her from running away.

Walking helps the child to develop confidence and also helps large muscles to coordinate and become stronger. Experts recommend that parents should help the child to develop his or her walking skills by:

– Providing at least 30 minutes daily of adult-led physical activity like playing in the playground, in the yard, park or some safe and well protected area.
– Taking walks around your yard or through the neighborhood with the child.
– Holding hands and climbing up and down the stairs together.
– Making an obstacle course of pillows or boxes then encourage your child to walk, climb, and crawl through it.
– Encouraging the child to kick and throw balls.
– Providing at least 1 hour of unstructured free play each day in which the child can explore and play with toys
– Monitoring the child in order to prevent inactivity. Your child should not be inactive for more than 1 hour at a time except when sleeping.

In all of this, all in and outdoor activities should be done in safe areas in order to prevent injury.

16 month old baby

16 month old speech milestones

Your child continues to add words to his vocabulary database. Between 12 and 15 months, he or she gains about one word every other day.

However, a language “spurt” occurs between 16 and 23 months in which the child generally learns one or two words per day.

Most parents ask “

By 16 months, children should have about 40 words in their vocabulary. By 18 months, this increases to 68 words and to 200 words by 23 months. The child should be able to say

– the names of things.
– verbs like kiss, kick, open, sleep.
– descriptive words like cold, full, all gone, broken.
– some pronouns like he, me, mine.
– some location words like down, in.

World Health Organization recommends the following activities to help your toddler to communicate:

– Encourage learning by observing what the child is doing and by naming things for him or her.
– Use every opportunity to make conversation with the child, for example, when feeding, bathing, or working near him or her.
– Ask simple questions and respond to the child’s attempts to talk.
– Encourage the child to repeat words.
– Look, listen and respond when the child uses gestures or words in order to increase his or her efforts to talk. – – Provide imaginary play, books, songs, rhymes and stories in order to enhance speech development.

16 month old social and emotional milestones

The following are some social and emotional milestones of development that your 16 month old should achieve:

– Likes to hand things to others as play.
– May have temper tantrums.
– May be afraid of strangers.
– Shows affection to familiar people.
– Plays simple pretend.
– May cling to parents and caregivers in new situations.
– Points to show others something interesting.
– Explores alone but with parent close by.

Parents and caregivers should provide social interactions in order to help the child to learn to relate to others. According to experts, when children are provided with positive and caring experiences in these early years, it strengthens connections in the brain that are responsible for helping the child to feel good. Social interactions also help the child to learn readily, increases self esteem and confidence and also strengthens the child to cope with the challenges of life.

Here are five ways in which you can help your child to develop socially and emotionally:

– Modelling for the child words that can be used to resolve conflicts. For example, telling the child, “I know you want to get down and walk, but you must hold my hand so I know you’re safe,” will help him or her to maintain a correct sense of dependence on others.
– Modelling other social behavior like greeting others.
– Spend time playing with the child as this is one of the most important ways to help him or her to develop social skills. Play could including singing and dancing, playing with puppets.
– Sharing toys during play.
– Encouraging the child to explore and showing and naming things in the environment.
– Showing affection and telling the child that you love him or her and that he or she is special

16 month old baby

16 month old spiritual development

We often forget that a human has an invisible, internal that should also be trained and developed. Strength of is important in helping the child to overcome struggles. Since the is intangible, it must be developed by intangible elements which connect the child to his or her Creator.

Spiritual development should continue throughout life and includes:

– reading bible stories to the child.
– singing bible songs to the child.
– teaching the child to pray in simple language.

I hope that this article will better equip you and your child as he or she grows. God bless.

16 month old baby
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