Baby Milestones: Baby Developmental Milestones At 10 Months

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Your baby’s gross motor skills at 10 months

  • Baby can crawl and will begin to explore the surroundings.
  • Your baby is now able to pull up from a sitting to standing position.
  • Can squat while holding on
  • Can sit down
  • Walks around while holding on to the parent’s hands or unto the furniture.  

Your baby’s fine motor skills at 10 months of age

  • Baby  picks up small objects using  the  pincer grasp.  The pincer grasp is the baby’s ability to grab a small object with the thumb and forefinger. The pincer grasp is very important because it helps the baby to do things like:
    •  feeding him or  herself — first without utensils then with; utensils.
    • buttoning, zipping  and snapping the clothing
    • writing with  pencils and crayons.

It is therefore important to help the baby to develop the pincer grasp by providing  opportunities:

  • give finger foods
  • allow baby to touch, explore  and manipulate all kinds of toys and household objects such as
    • Activity boards or busy boxes that have buttons that the baby can push, switches to flip, and dials to turn..
    • varying sizes, shapes and textures of Blocks  that the baby can stack and knock over. .
    • lightweight Balls of varying sizes and textures  that the baby can push and squeeze.
    • Kitchen gear is always a hit; give her measuring spoons and cups, wooden spoons, and plastic bowls.
    • Nesting toys, such as cups or boxes in graduated sizes, are also lots of fun for babies.

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Examples of multimixes


  + Food from Animals e.g. Fish and Green Bananas


– Ground Provision + Legume + Food from Animals + Vegetables

Boiled Yam +  Chicken + Pumpkin.

– Ground Provision + Food from Animals + Vegetable

e.g. Ripe Plantain with  Fish and Callaloo


Staples – Ground Provision + Legume + Food from Animals + Vegetables

Boiled Yam +  Kidney beans  +  Chicken + Pumpkin.


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How frequently should you feed your child at 10 months of age?

A baby aged 10 months need to be given small, frequent meals throughout the day in order to provide for nutrients and brain development. Here is an example:

Early morning

Breast milk

· Breakfast

Juice or fruit, plus thick rice porridge or soup

· Mid-morning

Milk or yoghurt drink, plus bread

· Lunch

Rice and fish with a dark green leafy vegetable

· Afternoon


· Evening

Rice and lentils

· Bedtime

Breast milk

How to make a baby’s food from the family pot

· Take out the baby’s food before adding trot pepper, curry or any other strong seasoning.

· Mash the food by rubbing it through a clean strainer with a clean spoon.

· When giving the baby fish or meat, cut it into small pieces and take out all the bones.

· Soften the baby’s food with oil, butter or margarine, or a little water or gravy from the cooking pot.

Always feed the baby from a bowl or cup with a spoon.

  1. Keep  objects out of reach since babies are curious and can choke on things they put in their moutns. These include coins,  buttons, peanuts, popcorn.

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