48 Month Old Milestones

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Forty- eight/48 month old milestones in children

This post explains the 48 month old milestones in childhood. We will cover:

  • Weight and height milestones.
  • Social and emotional milestones.
  • and communication milestones.
  • Cognitive milestones related to learning, thinking and problem-solving.
  • Movement and physical development milestones.

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Weight and height milestones at 48 months

The following are average weight and height milestones for boys and girls at 48 months. Data may vary by region of the world as children in some regions are heavier.

Children who are below the weight and height milestones should be evaluated for the presence factors such as underlying medical problems, poor diet, and appetite.


35 lb
15 oz
(16.3 kg)

35 lb
1 oz
(15.9 kg)
Baby Center, 2022.

3 ft
4.5 in
(102.5 cm)

3 ft
4 in
(101 cm)
Baby Center, 2022.

Social and emotional milestones at 48 months

  • Wants to please friends.
  • Curious about birth and death.
  • Shows pride in accomplishments.
  • Shows increasing independence.
  • Likes to help with activities like chores.
  • May become more agreeable to rules.
  • Can be both demanding and cooperative
  • Learns that different people have different rules.
  • Has favorite friends and may have a “best friend.” 
  • Engages in pretend by taking on other roles such as teacher, superhero.
  • May develop fears. The child needs to be reassured, taught to confess the Bible, and to pray.
  • Wants to be like friends. Asks to with children when no one is around. This shows that the child is engaging with others.
  • The child shows comfort to others who are hurt or sad. This is also a good time to teach them how to show caring.
  • The child avoids danger, and will not engage in activities like jumping from tall heights.
  • Adapts his or her behavior depending on location. He or she knows how to behave at the place of worship versus playground, for example.
  • Is aware of the genitalia and begins to learn about privacy. Privacy should be maintained by caregivers.
  • The child should be taught to cover and not to expose the private areas to others (Enfagrow, 2022; CDC, 2022).

and communication milestones at 48 months

  • Is able to rhyme words.
  • Tells stories rich with details.
  • Uses the same grammar as family members.
  • Speaks in full sentences with more than five words.
  • Uses the future tense, showing a beginning grasp of grammar.
  • Recites his or her name and address. This is a good time to teach this information.
  • Says most sounds clearly except, often, l, s, r, v, z, ch, sh, and th.
  • Remembers large parts of stories, making this a good age to test memory (Enfagrow, 2022).

Cognitive milestones at 48 months

  • Begins to develop a sense of time.
  • Begins to have a concept of money.
  • The child can count 10 or more items.
  • Should be able to name basic shapes.
  • Repeats his or her name and address.
  • May know when days of the week occur.
  • May have a concept of hours and minutes of the day.
  • May show interest in particular topics such as art, animals.
  • Begins to learn the alphabet; may recognize some letters.
  • Is better able to distinguish between fantasy and reality
  • Understands how some household objects function, such as appliances and tools.
  • Listens to a short story and is able to answer questions about it afterward.
  • Begins to understand periods of the day and seasons of the year.
  • Follows two unrelated commands such as “bring me the book and wash your hands.” (Enfagrow, 2022).

Movement and physical development milestones at 48 months

  • Swings.
  • Climbs well.
  • May be able to skip.
  • Can manage toileting
  • Draws people with bodies.
  • Copies triangles, squares, circles.
  • Can hop, do somersaults and tumble.
  • Dresses and undresses him or herself.
  • Prints some letters of the alphabeth, but not perfectly.
  • Correctly uses child-safe utensils but still needs help with cutting .
  • The child is able to balance on one foot for 10 or more seconds (Enfagrow, 2022)..


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